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Area BI

Gain access to key information required for everyday tasks, whenever, wherever. Sales reports, manufacturing reports, financial statements and Human Resources information among others.

Take your office with you no matter where you go. Support on strategic decision making, minimization of response times, reports based on graphs and charts, all of this, right on your device.

Area Data

Achieve automation of surveys, forms and documents commonly used in your company. Eliminate the necessity to transfer data from the paper forms onto the system, allowing real-time reference and generation of reports.

Avoid the transcription of data from paper to digital formats. Minimise mistakes by recording the information you need directly into the System of your company, no paper and pen required! This implies speedy and efficient work.

Area Finance

Optimise response times when advising clients on credit and microcredit, searching for products, requesting information from credit reference agencies (credit bureaus), as well as in any other services offered by your company.

Offer financial advisory anywhere anytime, request info from credit reference agencies, keep track of visits to customers, minimise mistakes, and replace paper and pen with the automated input of data.

Area Stock

We provide you with solutions which enable you to record, manage and control the stock of your company, relying on mobile technology, barcodes, and RFID technologies.

Keep updated information of the stock of your business at all times, wherever you are. Know real time what comes in and what goes out and improve your purchase planning and cash flow.

Area SIG

This service implies the use of mobile applications that involve any aspects of georeferencing (maps, routes, coordinates, geographic information systems among others).

Gain Access to support when taking strategic decisions
Minimise response times
Generate reports based on maps
Pinpoint clients, commercial advisors, lands and merchandise on maps
Area Sales

Everything sales representatives demand for carrying out their Jobs effectively: routes, client databases, stock availability, online orders, indebtedness and payment information.

Place orders anytime, anywhere. Eliminate the process of data transcription. Control visits to clients; maintain updated records of orders placed by sales reps. Minimise mistakes by automating the recording of data, and getting rid of paper and pen processes.

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